One woman whirl-wind.

Wonderwoman, hero, rock star – these are words my clients have used when they talk about me – one actually calls me “website hottie guru”…can you see me blushing?

Am I really any of those things? hmmmm, well… Do I love the compliments? Yes I do! The truth is, I really love what I do, and I love my clients….and I work hard to make every project fabulous. It’s important to me that not only are my clients happy with the work I do, but that the projects we do together make their business shine – and ultimately bring them more sales!

I’m Christina Hall, I’m a freelance graphic designer – I design for print and the web. I’ve been in business for 12+ years (formerly Aris Design) and I’m based in sunny Southern California –  the Pacific Beach area of San Diego (to be precise).

If you want a designer who sincerely cares about you and your business, and will work hard to help you reach your goals…call me.